Elkhart Middle School Band
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2020-21 Band Accomplishments
Beginner Band - 1st Division (Rose City Music Festival, Bullard)
7th Grade Band - 1st Division (Pride of Texas Music Festival, Plano)
8th Grade Band - 1st Division (SoundPost Music Festival, Canton)
10 kids in the ATSSB MS All-Region Band
1 kid in the ATSSB High School All-Region Band
13 kids made a 1st Division on their Region Solo
6 kids made a 1st Division on their Region Ensemble
2020-21 ATSSB Region 21 Middle School All-Region Band
Tarynn Massie, flute
Cierra Brooks, clarinet
TJ Calhoun, clarinet
Nicholas Rodriguez, trumpet (alternate)
Hannah Foster, euphonium
Luis Lopez, percussion
Kollin Pieffer, percussion
Dylan Luman, percussion
Aaron Canaday, percussion
Katie Collins, percussion
2020-21 Region 21 Solo & Ensemble Medalists
Tarynn Massie, flute
Zoii-Jane Beil, flute
Colton King, flute
Angel Chavarria, alto sax
Angel Ramirez, trombone
Kollin Pieffer, snare drum
Luis Lopez, snare drum
Dylan Luman, snare drum
Katie Collins, snare drum
Harlee Paul, snare drum
Aaron Canaday, marimba
Kollin Pieffer, marimba
Dylan Luman, xylophone
Zoii-Jane Beil, Mattison Martin, Tarynn Massie - flute trio
Brent Denson, Hannah Foster, Qarson Yarbrough - low brass trio