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Elkhart Middle School BAND 

Hey, Band! I hope you’re getting the hang of working from homeFor this next assignment, you will have two weeks to email it to a Band Director. That’s a little different, so be mindful of the due date below. Please be sure to email the Activity Logs from the last two weeks if you have not already. I have really enjoyed the practice time videos some of you have sent! I miss you all and think about you every day.  

Assignment #3 (Due May 3, 2020):  

If you have your instruments: 

  • Play your instrument for 30 minutes each day (Don’t forget to warm up, it’s important!) 
  • Fill out the Activity Logs  
  •  Email a Band Director your Activity Log to get credit for your completion 
  • Please email us if you have any questions when you are practicing. We can even Zoom! 


Options for if you don’t have an instrument at home  

(These two options can be mixed and matched ie: “air band” one day, writing assignment another day, but something should be done every day and recorded on the Activity Log):  

  •  If you have your music, you can read your music and air band” (moving fingers and saying note names) for 30 minutes each day. Record this on your Activity Logs  and submit through email to a Band Director so that you can get credit for completion  


  • Writing Assignment(email a band director to turn in this assignment) 

Every day (Mon – Fri), reflect on some music that your heard throughout the day. It may be music from tv/movies or video games or listening to the radio. Maybe you could tell me about your favorite music In complete sentences, answer the following questions about the music you listened to or heard each day: 

  1. What music did you listen to or hear today? 
  1. What did you like or not like about the music you heard? 
  1. How did the music make you feel when you were listening? 
  1. What type of music were you listening to ie: orchestral (strings), instrumental, vocal (singing)or instrumental and vocal 
  1. If it was instrumental, what instruments did you hear playing? 


Email us anytime: kmay@elkhartisd.org or jautrey@elkhartisd.org 


Other links to some fun things to do :  

Practice ANY line in your EE2000 Book, “Blue Book,” or even your Band Music with SMART Music login

Practice Sight Reading with Sight Reading Factory 

ELK BANDO! - Lots of fun suggestions for your practice time. 

Blues Lyrics - Write your own Blues Song! 

 Musictheory.net! - Practice Music Theory (Note Names and More)  

Check the “Printable Band Worksheets” tab to the right.  

  Make a music related Tik Tok video and share it with me 

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events tab for a list of performance dates!!!

2019-20 ATSSB Region 21 Middle School All-Region Band
Sean Carr, French Horn
Kodi Sparkman, French Horn
Kiaya Fielder, Trumpet
2019-20 Region 21 Solo & Ensemble Medalists
Hollie Barron, Clarinet
Jordyn Luman, Bass Clarinet
Kiaya Fielder, Trumpet
Sean Carr, French Horn
Aaron Diaz, Tuba
Percussion Ensemble: 
Astacia Alverez, Aaron Canaday, Kason Davis, Ashton Page,
Harlee Paul, Jaden Roberson, Zoey Wood, Kaycee Yates