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November/December 2017 Newsletter
To try to keep you guys informed of what's going on in the Middle School band hall (besides a LOT of noise!!!), I'll be using this page to relay some information.  As usual, any trip itineraries and other major announcements will still be placed on the band home page of this website, but I will use this space to elaborate on some details.  Should be fun.  If my upkeep of the HS Newsletter is any indication, I'll only be about a month behind on this one...here's to procrastination!!!
Middle School Band
Here's a quote from the end of the September 2017 Newsletter...
"That's about it!  Hopefully the October Newsletter doesn't "hit the stands" in December!!!  :0
Hahaha!!!  Well, even though it is the November AND December newsletter, it's not currently December, and I still completely missed October, but still... 
What a year.  Not that it really matters...I'm not sure if ANYONE reads this newsletter, so whatever!  Actually, let's find out.  IF YOU READ THIS, EMAIL ME AT jcanaday@elkhartisd.org WITH "I READ IT" IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  That'll prove me wrong!!  I feel like my inbox is safe... :D
Anyhoo...we have an easy month ahead of us, but we are still working towards a couple of goals.  First goal: MS All-Region Band.  This is an individual event...not a full band event.  Either way, we are starting to get serious about this music, especially the students that are going to audition for the band.  Auditions are on Friday, December 8 in Rusk.  They will be back late that evening, but I'll post the itinerary on the home page and probably send some info home about it as well...not that anything I send actually gets home...  :/
Second goal:  Winter Concert!  We have started our Winter Concert music.  It's going to be very different this year.  We have split the Middle School Band into 2 bands...a 7th Grade Band and an 8th Grade Band.  Each band will perform it's own music for the concert.  We have NEVER had 2 middle school bands before, and both groups sound really good as stand alone groups.  I'm pretty excited to hear what they can do!
That's pretty much it...November and December in one newsletter.  Such is Middle School Band.  See you next year!!!
...that's January, not next school year...
- Friday, December 8 - MS All-Region Audition in Rusk
- Thursday, December 14 - EISD Winter Band Concert 7pm @ HS Gym
Beginner Band
We are off and running in a big way!!  Hopefully, the horrid, tear-jerking, deafness inducing sounds are starting to fade into manageable sounds!  They are in the band hall.  I'm very pleased with our progress this year.  We are still a little behind schedule, but we did start school a week later than usual, so maybe we aren't...hmmm...
The only big event is our annual Winter Band Concert in December.  This year, it is scheduled for December 14 at 7pm at the HS Gym.  Beginner Band is the first band to perform on this concert and attendance/performance is mandatory.  Don't think of it as a bad thing, all of the bands will perform a quality concert, so it should be a very enjoyable experience. Go ahead and mark your calendar...I know I'm already looking forward to it!!
See you there! 
J. Wes Canaday & Jared Autrey