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February 2019 Newsletter
To try to keep you guys informed of what's going on in the Middle School band hall (besides a LOT of noise!!!), I'll be using this page to relay some information.  As usual, any trip itineraries and other major announcements will still be placed on the band home page of this website, but I will use this space to elaborate on some details.  Should be fun.  If my upkeep of the HS Newsletter is any indication, I'll only be about a month behind on this one...here's to procrastination!!!
Middle School Band
8th Grade Band (4th Period):  February is Solo & Ensemble month.  It has been YEARS since we have taken a group to this contest, but this is a great year to crank that back up.  We have been working hard on the music...during class and after class...so I think the kids will have a great shot at that 1st division!  The itinerary will be on the HOME page. 
In class, we are busy reading music and choosing our contest songs.  Lots of reading and rehearsing...of course, that's what we do all day, every day...
Other than that, we are on cruise control for a while.  It gets crazy after Spring Break, so enjoy the calm before the storm!!!
7th Grade Band (3rd Period): Same as above...

Beginner Band
Back to normal Beginner Band operations! 
The beginner band has done its instrument swap and we are back to churning out lines in the method book.  Pretty soon, we will be switching gears toward "middle school band" instead of beginner band.  In other words, we will be passing out "real" music and working towards a contest/concert.  This year, we are heading to the Pride of Texas Music Festival in Plano on April 10, so sometime around Spring Break, we will focus on that, but for now, we are still beginner banding.
Hang in there...sounds are getting better!!!
J. Wes Canaday, Jared Autrey & Katherine May