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To try to keep you guys informed of what's going on in the Middle School band hall (besides a LOT of noise!!!), I'll be using this page to relay some information.  As usual, any trip itineraries and other major announcements will still be placed on the band home page of this website, but I will use this space to elaborate on some details.  Should be fun.  If my upkeep of the HS Newsletter is any indication, I'll only be about a month behind on this one...here's to procrastination!!!
Middle School Band
8th Grade Band (4th Period):  If you are an incoming freshman in the HS band for next year, please refer to the HS Band Page.  There's a lot of stuff over there for you...get going!!!
If you are an incoming 8th graders, I'm very excited about next year.  Mr. Autrey did some GREAT work with you last year, and this year will be very rewarding because of the work you did last year!  Can't wait!!!
7th Grade Band (3rd Period):  Your first year as an actual "band" is upon you!  I can't wait to hear what this group is going to sound like.  Going from individual classes to a group class is such a cool change.  I know that Mr. Autrey is looking forward to hearing you next year...I know I am!
Beginner Band
If you are an incoming 6th grader (or 6th grader parent)...welcome.  This website has all of our dates, itineraries, information, and more.  Keep track of everything we are doing on this website.  I keep it updated as much as I can! 
We will have our first parent meeting on August 23 at 6:30pm in the Middle School Band Hall.  I know it's early, but put it on your schedule.  We will be able to introduce ourselves to you, give you much needed information about the band program and instrument purchasing, and answer whatever questions you may have.  It's a pretty important meeting...especially if you are a rookie band parent.  There's a lot to know...
See you soon!
J. Wes Canaday, Jared Autrey & Katherine May