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April 2019 Newsletter
To try to keep you guys informed of what's going on in the Middle School band hall (besides a LOT of noise!!!), I'll be using this page to relay some information.  As usual, any trip itineraries and other major announcements will still be placed on the band home page of this website, but I will use this space to elaborate on some details.  Should be fun.  If my upkeep of the HS Newsletter is any indication, I'll only be about a month behind on this one...here's to procrastination!!!
Middle School Band
8th Grade Band (4th Period): April 4th is our Concert & Sight Reading contest in Palestine!  We will perform at 10am, so if you are able, come on over to the Palestine High School Auditorium and hear our performance!  We will leave after school begins and return before lunch.  The students should dress nice for this performance.  If they would like to change clothes afterward, just bring them and change when we get back to the school.  The itinerary is on the home page.  Should be a good one...
Also, we are in the process of collecting money for our end-of-the-year Six Flags Trip.  The total cost is $45/student, and this includes park entry and a meal voucher.  Group tickets are getting really expensive, and the actual cost is $55...but that's just too much, so we have discounted it to $45/kid to make it a little more reasonable.  Thankfully, our fundraising went well this year and we can afford to do this.  This is why that Cookie Dough fundraiser is sooooo important!!
Anyhoo...please send that money to the Band Hall as soon as you can.  If you have a Six Flags season pass and only want to purchase the meal voucher only for $15, just let us know!!  If you have the season pass and a meal pass, then just let us know so that we can adjust our ticket order accordingly.  Thanks so much!
7th Grade Band (3rd Period): 7th Grade Band's contest is much later in the year than the 8th grade band.  May 16th to be exact!  Right now, we are just collecting money for SoundPost ($25) if they did not sell 10+ boxes of Cookie Dough in the Fall.  Please send the money to the band hall ASAP.  The money covers their Splash Kingdom entry and lunch.  This is always a really fun day!!

Beginner Band
Contest is coming up!!!  April 10, we are going to PinStack in Plano, TX for the Pride of Texas Music Festival.  The band will perform a song for 3 judges to get a rating (and hopefully a trophy!!!), then spend the rest of the afternoon eating and playing at PinStack.  Entry fees are due ASAP, so please get that money to the Band Hall as soon as possible!!  The itinerary for this trip is on the MS Band homepage!!  Check it...
J. Wes Canaday, Jared Autrey & Katherine May