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August 2017 Newsletter
To try to keep you guys informed of what's going on in the Middle School band hall (besides a LOT of noise!!!), I'll be using this page to relay some information.  As usual, any trip itineraries and other major announcements will still be placed on the band home page of this website, but I will use this space to elaborate on some details.  Should be fun.  If my upkeep of the HS Newsletter is any indication, I'll only be about a month behind on this one...here's to procrastination!!!
Middle School Band
The Middle School Band will be a little different this year than it has been in the past.  Our growing enrollment and our modest facilities have forced us to be creative with scheduling.  As of right now, we will have 3rd Period for 7th Grade band members and 4th Period for 8th grade band members.  Depending on how each class sounds as a unit, we may make each class period a stand-alone band...that would be so cool!!!!  We will play all the pep rallys as a full group, though. 
Beginner Band
Looking forward to meeting all you new guys!  We've had several outstanding beginner band classes in the past, and I'm expecting great things from you guys!
Parents:  We will have a parent meeting on Thursday, September 7 to introduce ourselves, explain what goes on in beginner band, answer some questions and discuss acquiring an instrument for your child.  You don't have to get anything now...you can if you know what you are looking for, but we will not need instruments for class until September 11.  I will send a letter home during the first week of school to give a little more information about this...plus, you wouldn't really know to look here for information until after that meeting anyway, so I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time typing this.  Hmmm...
Anyway, see you soon!!!
J. Wes Canaday & Jared Autrey