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Principal's Message

“Failure is not an option!”

August 28, 2017
The teachers have complained more and more recently that it is next to impossible to get many kids to put forth much effort in their school work. We’re getting the same feedback from many parents. After a lot of thought and discussion, we’ve decided to implement a campus wide philosophy of, “Failure is not an option!” We have too many students who are failing. We’re noticing, in many of these cases, that this bothers the teachers, the principal, and the parents, but not the students.
We’ve decided this may be a result of students not having any negative consequences when they fail. We will begin making every attempt possible to give positive consequences to students who are passing and negative consequences to students who are failing immediately. We are optimistic that students will begin realizing that it is easier to pass their classes than to fail them.
Beginning November 17th, mandatory tutorials will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.. Students will be placed on the “tutorial list” if they fail one or more classes. We will modify this list twice during each grading cycle: report card release and progress report release. Once they are on this list,they cannot be removed until the next reference point. Students may, however, be required or allowed to stay for the same tutorials should the need arise even if they are not failing at either of these times. Teachers are working together within their grade level teams to organize meaningful tutorial sessions.
I recognize that this will create an inconvenience for parents who are accustomed to having their children delivered to their house via the school bus. I am hopeful that parents are be able to stay the course and work with us for the first few weeks, positive results will occur.
I’ve watched kids for a long time. I’m convinced that if we show them how much easier life is when they pass their classes, most will “snap to” and begin some good, healthy academic habits that will spill over into other facets of life. Please join us by showing your children that, “Failure is NOT an option!”
As always, feel free to contact my office or any teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
Yours truly,

Ron Mays
Elkhart Middle School