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Where do I start? 
There are two main websites that will be used for Texas History this year. They are Google and Edgenuity. You will be utilizing Google apps to access your mail, assignments, calendars, and you will use Edgenuity to access online lessons and assessments. 
You can go to google.com and sign in using your school credentials (first.last@student.elkhartisd.org). Then you can click the nine small dots in the top right corner to access all of your google apps. 
If you are an online learner you will need to type in this code to join the Texas History class on Google. 
You will log in with your Google email and password. I have assigned this class to my At Home learners. If you do not see that you are enrolled in a class, email me and I will add your name to the Texas History course. You will have access to the entire year worth of assignments. Please make sure to check your google classroom to find out which assignments to complete and when.
This is the link to our digital textbook. You will find 26 files that correlate to the 26 chapters that we will be covering. Please note that the pages of the PDFs and the actual pages on the images do not correlate. When I give the students specific pages to read, I am referring to the pages printed at the bottom of the images. Using a digital textbook prevents the students from having to physically share the classroom textbook and allows the students to access their textbook from any computer or smartphone.