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While our class is setup to meet the unique and individual needs of our students we also focus our week around certain studies. The activities we do and the grading is based on the unique skills, abilities, and levels of each child. We use Unique Learning and News 2 You to work through important and key science and social studies lessons. I am EXCITED to announce that we have recently started up an email buddy program allowing the students to learn about electronic communication, use computers, and get a chance to socialize. Thank you Mrs. Parker for helping us with this. We also are moving from paper "workboxes" to I-Station. This will allow the students to work on their individualized levels and work on their technology skills. As parents this will allow you to see the progress they are making as I can and will send home progress reports with report cards. We also still work on "clipboards" where I can monitor the growth of your student's progress meeting their goals. As always I welcome you into our classroom at anytime to see any of these items, activities, or to see your child's progress. I am excited about the growth we have made thus far and know we will continue to develop those necessary skills.

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STAAR-ALT 2 Testing

Parents we will be testing Feb. 9 - Feb. 27. This is our BIG test for the year. If at all possible I really need 100% ATTENDANCE EVERY DAY!!!